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Located in Phoenix serving Phoenix and Scottsdale areas

For Designers

Arrow remodeling has mastered the art of hanging handmade, custom wall coverings from manufactures such as Maya Romanoff , Phillip Jefferies and Thibaut to name a few.

We also install all fabrics, murals, media signs, vinyl wall coverings, wood wall coverings, glass bead wall coverings and, adhesive backed 3M products.

We are familiar with the needs of the Phoenix and Scottsdale area.

As materials rapidly change, there is no limit to the finishes that wall covering offers the design industry. Arrow Remodeling’s craftsmen will use the latest techniques to produce the highest quality installations available.

Let’s face it, wall covering offers finishes that paint just can’t provide.

  • We are limited only by the designer’s imagination
  • We will protect the design company’s interests
  • We will arrive as scheduled
  • We put your clients’ needs first, and understand that professionalism and cleanliness is a must.
  • We are working not only for your current project, but your future projects as well.
  • Our aim is to bring to life the designers imagination